Masculine Pure Pure XS

Pure XS

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Masculine Pure XS

Pure XS

Family: Aromatic - Spicy

Launch: 2017

Group: Puig


"Remarkably yuong, extremely brilliant, insanely wealthy, hugely beautiful. Excess in its purest state. His sex-appeal is disturbing, beyond-control. It would appear he has it all, a pure utopia. Pure desire. Magnetic, excess in its purest state.

A contemporary design that gives rise to the idea of a lighter, Pure XS opens up, one handed with a black lacquered cap. The bottle is a weighty glass with polished edges: instinctive and substantial. Packaged in velvet, all is luxuriously sensual. Electric blue and gold, the shock of sensory contradictions.

Explosive freshness and burning sensuality.

Robust, manly, irresistible vapours that hover between the purity of raw desire and the pleasure of excess."

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